Thursday, September 22, 2005

Playlist September 22-28

Yes I know you've been waiting for this week's playlist.... here goes:
  1. David Gray - Life In Slow Motion: Get the whole album. Excellent production. Highlights: Nos Da Cariad, One I Love (quite cheery even thought it's about a man bleeding to death)
  2. India.Arie - Purify Me: I thought this was her new single, but it turns out it's from the soundtrack of "Diary of a Mad Black Woman". Still, it's perfect.
  3. Stars - Ageless Beauty: You know who you are!
  4. توصّى فيي - يارا: Great song, beautiful singer.. What's not to like?

This week's classic rock pick is You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet by Bachman-Turner Overdrive. A great highway song.

Special thanks to 1814 for his cool mix CDs!


  1. I am hungry so I cannot comment properly, sorry.

  2. I sing along whenever توصى فيي is on.. Never knew the name was Yara.. so thanks :)

    A friend just sent me Rolling stone's "Rain Fall Down", "She Saw Me Coming", and "Biggest Mistake" from their latest album..
    Good stuff

  3. Fuck, man ... I'm kinda out of touch these days ... I need to watch MTV more often maybe some marina fm. :p

    Last week I was at some party and there were songs that I never heard before ... stuff I couldn't dance to. Sucks.

    I think I'm too much into my own collection of music. The price you pay for being very picky with what you listen to which is also the price you pay for using a dial-up connection. :p

    Yo Shurouq, I got the full album ... not bad not bad at all ... Will make you a mixtape and give it to you whenever I'm gonna give that thing I'm supposed to give you. ;)

  4. Ok, waiting to see you post a song for the ramons.

  5. Even as a die-hard Stones fan, I was mildly impressed with their latest stuff. I guess I should've at least added "Rough Justice" to the list

  6. Thanks in advance, Tata
    But what thing? Am I missing something?

    Diehard fans make the toughest critics.


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