Thursday, January 19, 2006


Reports in the financial press say that Airbus Industrie has narrowly surpassed Boeing in its sales of passenger jets last December.

Airbus has long been accused of "shady practices" when it comes to the placing of aircraft orders, and this latest news report reminded me of another story from a few years ago.

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  1. Wow!

    I'm not an expert in Kuwait Airways matters so I can only say the article is enlightening!

    So the Tunisian dude was being paid for services to a company 31 months before it actually existed? heh.

    Which mall is the Airbus mall?

  2. Shady shady...
    Though not too different from business as usual here..
    I also found this a little icky
    "The upshot of a meeting in the summer of 1991 between the boss of Boeing Commercial, furious American officials and the Crown Prince of Kuwait was a messy compromise"

  3. wohoooooooh! Only now do I understand what really happened and why the parliament has been refusing to approve the budget of KAC... well up until recently.
    No wonder KAC is on the brink of bankruptcy.
    a real eye opener. thanks zaydoun. sidj inha dated 2003 but still worth a read.

  4. Jandeef... just bought a new suit at Airbus mall


  5. I love the economist...

  6. أحمد المشاري تمت مكافأته بتعيينه رئيسا للجنة الاحتفال بهلا فبراير
    ويوسف عبدالحميد الجاسم بتعيينه أمينا عاما لاتحاد المصارف الكويتية
    وهيك بلد بدو هيك ناس

  7. Airbus's parent BAE is also infamous for kickbacks and corruption. unfortunately civilian aircraft manufacturers seem to inherit the corrupt culture of their parent defense contractors. it wouldn't surprise if boeing wasn't goody goody either.

  8. The upcoming IPO for elwa6aneya airlines which has branched out of KIPCO will soon find its way to the masses through the local banks, and Kuwait Airways (the ailing bird) will be acquired by it. I just hope that the new airliner will be able to compete with regional airline carriers like the Emirates or even surpass it........yeah right!

  9. As for Boeing, they dont care for commercial jets as much as they do for hefty contracts with the pentagon especially that they've acquired the world's biggest manufacturer of fighter jets Mcdonald Douglas(makers of f18s f16s) about hundreds of billions in contracts and pre-orders, those who are familiar with Douglas they'd tell you that they strive on payoffs to corrupt government officials around the globe and in the States, they're lobby could prety much determine the next president of the US of A.

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  11. يعطيك العافية يا زيدون و مقال مفيد.... يا ليت لو يابو طاري طيران الخليج سابقا-لانها الحين طيران الفريج خدمات الصقر الحلي مب الذهبي-.... هالشركة مثل الكويتية ما سلمت من هالنوع من الصفقات المشبوهة و عمليات البوق و السرقة المنظمة اللي حولت وحدة من احسن الشركات على المستوى الخليجي اذا مب العربي الى وحدة من الشركات اللي حالتها حالة و معتمدة اعتماد كلي على مساعدة الحكومات لها :(


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