Friday, January 20, 2006

Islamic Comedy

The U.S. State Department, in its latest effort to understand the Muslim world, is sending comedian Albert Brooks to India and Pakistan to figure out what makes Muslims laugh.

That is the premise of a new movie called "Looking For Comedy In The Muslim World", out now in the U.S... I don't know why they went to the trouble of making this movie. I can speak from experience that overly religious people from ALL religions are generally stone-faced and humorless.

The film was also screened at the recent Dubai Film Festival, where it apparently met with mixed reactions.

Don't expect to see it here anytime soon...


  1. also i dont think we will see it here at all!

    about relegios ur wrong!,,,there are some very funny religious guys...give them another shot and ull find some

  2. Killa Ma6goog,

    So many things to laugh about around here, yet so little comedy.
    (Not to overlook AbdelAziz al Musallam's latest attempts at Islamizing it :P)

    Judging by the poster and the trailer, it's very optimistic of Albert Brooks to think that India would represent the Muslim World.

  3. ينفخون في جربة مقضوضة ، ومادري بس كأنه اسم الفيلم مقزز شوي

    I just blogged it yesterday :P

    Elgloob shuwahid again :P

  4. I was browsing Fandango's website today looking for movie listings when i stumbled upon this movie! i kept staring at it, trying to absorb what i just read.. not to mention that i was a little offended to see this title. Read the synopsis and still in awe. i wonder who'd go watch it here (the states) though!

    I may be wrong! bear in mind that this was my initial reaction when i first saw the title.

  5. That's weird. Many people think that India is an Islamic counrty. Is it, though?

    Uh, did you know that some books that are sold in bookstores here (although we only have, what, five?) make fun of Islam? And I wonder why no body cares. Do they read them before they sell them?
    A funny thing that you might not know is, Fehrenheit 9/11 was banned here, only the book was actually sold. Is still sold, I guess. I'll have to check.

  6. ma6goog.... a shot of what?

    I sometimes laugh AT محمد العوضي because he's so ridiculous, not because he's intentionally funny

    Jandeef.. great minds think alike, right?

  7. Want Islamic comedy? visit any mosque after prayer's speeches. People still live in the past centuries.
    اهم وين والعالم وين

  8. Zaydoun, what do you mean religious men aren't funny... what do you call this guy :p

  9. يفرح المسلم و يضحك و يهلل و يكبر و يطق اصبع في الحالات التالية

    عندما ينفذ أسامة بن لادن إحدى هجماته الجهادية

    عندما يقطع الزرقاوي و أتباعه رقاب الرهائن المحتجزين لديه

    عند ممارسة الجنس مع الأطفال كما كان معزبهم الأكبر و كفيلهم يفعل

  10. Zaydoun ...
    The most funny and humorous people I have met in my life are religious! they smile like all the time mashaAllah ...
    I am not defending them and I am not religious!
    I am just being realistic :)

  11. I saw the preview yesterday in the movies, and even that wasn't funny. It's a bit "blah" and so is the main actor.

  12. Zaydoun is being ridiculous
    he is educated enough to know that he shouldnt generalise

    but he just hates religious people period,, and any thing good they show is overlooked,, coz they wanna rule by the law of God and he wants to rule by the law of taghoot

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  14. I was confused about why they chose India as well. An indian friend of mine said that there are cities in India that are primarily muslim, and (she thinks) islam is the 2nd largest religion in India. And of course India has a gigantic population, so it does have a relately large number of muslims.

    That being said, Albert Brooks is typically very funny, and I don't think he's a fan of the current US govt. The premise of the movie is that the US govt sends his character to India/Pakistan to find out about comedy in the "islamic world." I haven't seen the movie yet, but I wouldn't be suprised if this is a joke about how stupid the US govt is when it comes to the islamic world.

  15. This movie doesn't have much to do with Islam, its just in the title. They chose India and Pakistan.

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  17. q8ibloger... you just proved my point

  18. What's so bad about the title??? Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World. What's wrong with it??? I'm looking for comedy in this blog and I don't see it, HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

    Lighten up people.

    The people who are commenting on why they would consider India as part of the Muslim world should know that India has the second or third highest amount of Muslims in the Muslim world. Pakistan is in the top ten I think as well.

  19. مو ضد الإسلام ولا المسلمين لأن كل واحد حر في دينة ومعتقداته

    بس فعلا الوجوه دائما مكشرة ومعصبة ومافي تعابير ولا أحاسيس

  20. In one of the interviews with albert brooks he stated that the movie was made to bring the west closer to the Islamic world especially with all the current violent events. (ya rite ) a movie made by a media controlled by Zionists Jews to make Islam look more friendly. Well we should not knock it until we see it

  21. هذه مقالة أظنها جديرة بالاهتمام

  22. شكراً

    أصبح لدي فكرة إنتاج فيلم عن تخبط هوليوود في إنتاج فيلم عن الفكاهة في العالم الإسلامي


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