Saturday, December 08, 2007

Playlist December 2007

Last playlist of the year and it's a mixed bag with some last minute discoveries and a fun holiday tune. Enjoy!
  1. Alicia Keys - As I Am: She just gets better and better. Get the whole album!
  2. Led Zeppelin - Mothership: A whole set of remastered immortal rock classics. What's not to love?!
  3. Radiohead - In Rainbows: Last month I wasn't so sure, now I'm in love with it! Hurry and get the download, today is the last day!
  4. Dave Gahan - Kingdom: Brooding droning rock from lead singer of Depeche Mode
  5. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - 100 Days, 100 Nights: Amy Winehouse's backing band strike out on their own with their original lead singer (while she's sorts out her messy life). Raw, old-fashioned soulful vocals reminiscent of early Tina Turner before she went all Eurotrash.
  6. Amy Winehouse - Back to Black: In honor of her multiple Grammy nominations, an achingly beautiful track from her last album. I just hope she doesn't end up as this generation's Janis Joplin.
  7. Mark Ronson with Amy Winehouse - Valerie: Perfection! And a great video too.
  8. The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home: The most beautiful song you'll hear all year, with lead vocals by Patrick Watson.
  9. Sia - Day Too Soon: A beautiful and warm song for winter. If it ever shows up.
  10. Foo Fighters - Long Road to Ruin: Solid reliable rock from the Fighters' latest album with a fun video.
  11. Queens of The Stone Age - Make It Wit Chu: A sexy track from one of my favorite rock bands.
  12. Chromeo - Bonafide Lovin': 80's flavored dance pop by a Montreal duo, one Arab and one Jewish. Just proves that music fosters peace and understanding as long as the politicians stay away.
  13. Various Artists - Through The Wilderness - A Tribute to Madonna: A hit and miss collection of covers of Madonna classics by some obscure Indie bands. Some are good, some are just deranged!
  14. The Killers - Don't Shoot Me, Santa: This year's best Christmas song.


  1. Somehow I don't see you as a Zeppelin Man

  2. Xman5... aka Rob

    You'd be surprised at what I like. I sort of grew into Led Zeppelin after I left Crawford and retreated into a whole classic rock phase because Top 40 was starting to suck

  3. I have always been a Zep Man. Wish I was at the concert yesterday. All the reviews have been very good. Hopefully a tour.

    Over all a very good play list. I have to check out the Madonna covers. Sounds strange.

    Lately I have filled up my Ipod with 80's english new wave. Echo and the Bunny Men, Human League, Pyschodelic Furs, The Beat.

    I'll get over that soon.

  4. hey zaydoun
    could you please include some trance next time.. would be great to have such rich list with various genres!


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